Hi, and thanks for the question. It really depends on what you mean by “Strongest cigarette”. I’ll assume that you mean which cigarette has the most nicotine. It is the substance which we normally talk with tobacco. I’ll not be mentioning any brands or products since we try not to advertise these products :).

There are probably small independent makers who might make really strong cigarettes. But in industry cigarettes, there is only a little variance in the amount of nicotine. Cigarettes are made of tobacco, which is a plant and therefore the amount of nicotine also depends on the actual plant.

The strongest industry made cigarettes can contain around 30mg of nicotine. This is, however, not the amount that is printed on the package, which informs the amount of nicotine that ends up in the smoker’s body. In the EU this amount can’t be more than 1mg, but the real amount ending up in the body can be vastly different because people can smoke fast or slow and inhale different amounts of smoke.

– Mikael

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